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Posted by midgetsausage - December 23rd, 2022

and the frogs came a-croakin as I announce the


A collab centered on everyone's favorite amphibians!

(yes, toads are allowed)

This collab is intended to be a spiritual successor to @Taka's Cute Cat Collab!

Don't ya wanna take some time off to relax and look at some very friendly frogs?

The idea for this came from rewatching two frogs, my first solo Daily Winner, and five frogs, which was something I made to celebrate 900 fans. The latter is where the Budgett's frog in the collab's logo came from!

Make a short animated clip of frogs (or even just one frog) doing anything, even nothing! They could be...

  • sleeping
  • eating bugs
  • scratching their gooch
  • yawning
  • chilling in a pond
  • karaokeing
  • friendly fighting with each other
  • being held/caressed
  • screaming because they were held/caressed
  • looking at the camera and just being happy you're here
  • looking at the camera and lunging at it because it thinks it's food

Anything as long as they're cute while doing it, and the entry feels good!



  1. Your entry must be animated, even if the frogs in the video are doing nothing. Like at least animate them breathing or something.
  2. Your entry must be 24fps, and must be between 5 and 11 seconds long. Entries below and/or above that limit won't be considered.
  3. Aspect ratio must be 16:9, what resolution your entry is is completely up to you.
  4. You're free to add sound effects as long as they aren't too loud, but please no music as much as possible, as we're gonna overlay music on top of the entries a la Sketch Collab.
  5. Make and send as many entries as you want, just remember that quality > quantity matters more here.
  6. Absolutely no NSFW. Do not desecrate God's most sacred of creatures.
  7. Lastly, your entry needs to be a video file, preferably .mp4/.mov!!!! Though if you really really wanna be in the collab but you really really can't export your stuff as a video file, I'm willing to make exceptions.

One more thing: there is no formal sign-up of some sort.

No need to ask me if you're allowed to join, because everyone is!

If you can make an entry, make one! If ya can't, well, sorry.

Any animation medium is allowed. Pixel frogs, polygonal frogs, vector frogs, pencil sketch frogs... the more the merrier!

I also recommend you try animating different types of frogs. There's more than one type! Don't just settle for a generic green blob of a frog.

To submit an entry...

Upload your entry first to your Google Drive (or any filesharing service), then PM me a link to it. Discord, Newgrounds PM or Twitter DM, whatever.

But please know that just because you sent me an entry does not fully guarantee you'll end up in the collab!

You'll know your entry was included when I send you a project invitation.

DUE DATE: February 3rd 2023, 11:59PM PST


Above all else, I hope everyone has fun.

Much like the Cute Cat Collab that inspired it, this is intended to be a feel-good collab.

Just hoping nobody stresses out over this collab!





first step in forever demolishing the cute cat collab.

And to you midget sausage sir, this is awesome and I will tell my friends immediately. I'm honored to inspire this awesome project to be! Ill make sure to make a little something!

frogo is forever

This’ll be better than the cute cat collab :3

Let it ribbit

@PudgieDaFrog look at this. it's your perfect collab.

If I remember to make an entry for this I will!

Im bout to jump into this >:)

I'm not uploading to google drive

You don't really have to! I forgot to mention that you can upload it in any file sharing service as long as you can send me a link to it :)

Are gifs allowed ??

I forgot to mention (I'll be putting this on the post later as it's crucial) that I'll only be accepting .mp4/.mov files!!!

Ok then. A frog collab, no prob MidgetSauce!

Ill definitely try and make an entry!


Im so down

@midgetsausage gotchu!!

i luv forgs and ill try to make somethin for this


couldnt make it on time for the cat collab but maybe i can make it here. i'll have to try this time.

I would but im literally dealing with a new dog

My little orange frog friend is excited to see the entries!

live orang frog reaction

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